VNC Scan Enterprise Console

VNC Scan Enterprise Console 2010.2.9.205

Remote network managment


  • Manage multiple connections simultaneously
  • Thumnails to show desktops
  • Powerful


  • Only suitable for advanced users


If you have a network of computers, it may be useful to be able to manage them all from one place, and VNC Scan Enterprise Console is designed to help administrators do just that.

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) Scan Enterprise Console allows you to control other computers virtually - when connected to another computer, the keyboard and mouse movements are transmitted from one computer to another. For network administrators this allows some easy, remote maintenance to be down without physically visiting a terminal.

VNC Scan Enterprise Console allows you to take screenshots, execute scripts, view installed software and much more on remote desktops. It's possible to manage more than one VNC connection at a time.

This tool, with its ability to manage multiple open connections simultaneously, is of most use to network administrators. This is underlined by its usability, which is definitely not aimed at novices, as even the help files will be of little help to anyone without a relatively high level of VNC knowledge already.

While it's not an application for beginners, if you know a little about VNC that should be enough to get started using VNC Scan Enterprise Console.

VNC Scan Enterprise Console


VNC Scan Enterprise Console 2010.2.9.205

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